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Automatic Lacha Paratha Production Line
Automatic Dough Sticks Production Line
Automatic scallion pancake Production Line
Automatic Pizza Production Line
Automatic Egg tart Production Line
Automatic Tortilla Production Line
Automatic Red bean pie Production Line
Chinese hamburger Production Line
Automatic Puff Pastry Production Line
sesame seed cake Production Line
Automatic Omelette skin Production Line
Automatic doughnut Production Line
Automatic Pie Production Line
JH3168 Automatic Lacha Paratha Production LineMore
Electricity: 380V ,50HZ,18.5KW
Capacity: 5500-8600pcs/h
Automatic Dough Sticks Production LineMore
Electricity: 380V, 三相,50Hz, 26KW
Why choose us
Why choose us
Six advantages
  • Advantages of scientific research
    Since its establishment, Juheng machinery has been adhering to the scientific development concept, taking technology research and development and talent training as the development goal of the company, helping customers to continuously innovate products and improve performance.
  • Cultural advantages
    There are three core elements in the concept of "think of people" as follows √ helicopter thinking √ transposition thinking √ pay attention to the other party and feel the automatic wave leadership mode: select the right talent, high trust atmosphere, efficient team, common goal, effective authorization, coach training...
  • Quality advantage
    We strictly implement the principle of "no experiment with customers". All equipment out of the factory must pass repeated operation, debugging and product trial
  • Business advantages
    It has two modern manufacturing bases: Songjiang in Shanghai and Tainan in Taiwan. In five years, we plan to set up 30 offices in China to provide customers with demand and service guarantee.
  • Service advantages
    Service concept: warm, patient and professional. Purpose: satisfaction 100 points. The best service is the "service without after-sales service" which is always pursued by the company. In order to implement this kind of super high standard service idea...
  • Positioning advantages
    Located in the manufacturing of quick frozen pasta machinery, Juheng machinery makes quick, convenient and quick cooked quick frozen pasta products into thousands of households, adding food fun to people's happy life.
About Juheng

Shanghai Juheng Food Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D manufacturer of cake and leather equipment. It has established a certain reputation and substantial performance in the industry. The company has a long-term R & D and improvement of professional burrito machine, Mexican equipment, hand grasping machine and hand grasping equipment. It has developed from a single product to a diversified product. It can provide mechanical full-automatic hand grasping production line, full-automatic burrito production line, hand grasping production line, as well as full-automatic egg tart, pie, rougamo, egg filling pie and other production lines Line. For the purpose of "customization"......

Case show
Case show
Shanghai Juheng Food Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: Building 10, Lane 251, Wenji Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Tel: Manager Zhai 17316333160 manager Chen 18116037767 manager Zhou 13764688525
Tel: 021-37655889
Fax: 021-37655889-801
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